Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dunedin and Surroundings

We didn't get to take many pictures in Dunedin; we only drove through, on our way north to Shag Point, Moeraki, and Oamaru. It reminded me of a cross between Ann Arbor and Providence.

Interesting note: Cadbury factory tours are offered in Dunedin. We drove right by the factory, a cement building outlined in bluish purple, happily proclaiming "Tours! Tours!" We were in quickly moving traffic and couldn't get a photo.

One thing we noticed right off is that the lushness of the West Coast is much less evident in the East. It was less noticeable on Day One, in Christchurch, because we kept to city streets. In addition, Dunedin is =much= further south than Hokitika was, and correspondingly COLDER.

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