Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kayaking Map

This map reveals our kayaking trip through the Marlborough Sounds. We left at 8am Saturday morning and returned just before 3pm. We aren't sure how far we traveled, but pretty damn far!

We stopped at tiny sandy beaches, where we gathered a few more bits of sea glass--tho' not many. The number 1 identifies Seal Point, and the number 2 identifies Lochmara Lodge, where we had lunch. The 'S' curves are where we were told to go and feed the fish, as they were so numerous that they would leap from the water in their battle over the crumbs. In fact we saw not a one, other than jellyfish everywhere.

Upon our return to Picton, where we had an escort toting our kayak at launch, we pulled up to the beach exhausted. Vic went to alert the Adventure company that we were back, and they handed us the wheels and told us to pull the kayak up the beach and down the block to them. Our arms were =spent= and this did not seem remotely reasonable! We paid for the privilege, ugh.


  1. Well that sucks. One little blemish ... or two, if you count the crappy room at the inn.

  2. The guy at the desk seemed startled when I mentioned that I would certainly be writing up the end of the trip in my blog.