Sunday, April 4, 2010


The trip over the Pacific was =not= 22 hours; that was the total of both flights, one to the West Coast and another to NZ. The NZ leg was 12.5 hours--and that was plenty long enough.

We tried to sleep on the plane, and I ended up 'half' sleeping for about 6 hours (even with a sleeping pill). So we decided to stay awake until nighttime once we were on the ground.

At Auckland, arrival 5am, we walked about 0.75 mile--no exaggeration--from the Air New Zealand (ANZ) international-arrivals terminal to the ANZ domestic-departures terminal. We flew from Auckland, North Island, to Christchurch, South Island, getting here before 9am. We walked all over Christchurch, so I think our total for today has to be up near 4 or 5 miles on foot. My heels hurt.

We had lunch at a lovely little pub on Litchfield called His Lordship's. Vic had fish & chips, and I had a lamb shepherd's pie.


  1. Love the sculpture, esp the ice cream cone one.

  2. I like the jester the best. BTW, were you able to figure out your mp3 player?

  3. Yes! I've been listening. Thank you again.