Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weather and beachcombing

We had thunderstorms overnight and now have rain, and both are, honestly, just fine with us. We saw lightning highlights in the clouds while we soaked in the hot tub last night. The news claims that the east coast of Massachusetts will have that kind of weather all week! At least here it's supposed to end Tuesday.

Vic cruised the beach earlier and brought back four shells, including a nearly whole (spirally coiled) olive, to add to my three shells from yesterday. We now have three olives in total, in various states of wholeness. It whets our appetites for Portsmouth.

Pictures follow of 1) the sound from our lookout perch this morning, and 2) our kitchen. The kitchen -- where I made the broccoli and onion dishes described below -- will be the source, I hope, of many a tried-and-true recipe this trip. A breakfast/hors d'ouevre(sp?) one should appear here shortly.

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