Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graveyard museum

We went to the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum the same day we went to Chicamacomico. It's a sad little place -- or actually a great big place with only a little bit open -- yet it's quite capable of making me very angry (as in, year after year encouraging memberships, which then drop into a black hole of use-your-money but produce-no-benefit-to-you...).

It has opened a new room, predictably focused on pirates:

In that room you can watch through a glass wall as researchers (though none were present) clean encrusted sea life from artifacts, which is kind of cool. Also cool was a huge turnbuckle that had been recovered. I am accustomed to turnbuckles being no longer than my forearm.

In the way that only this museum can, it offered information on "current" shipwrecks that are on the beach but are also covered over and invisible. Also, it offered a brochure that was not present in its home slot.

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