Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Pound Island glass

Vic and I went kayaking yesterday, and we collected some truly old glass at Ten Pound Island. I could assess its age by its thickness. (However, a couple of thick pieces had very regular shapes. Wondering whether ill-advised women are seeding the beach again.)

Above are two pieces that I am certain are aged. The style of flat bottle bottom is associated with liniments, elixirs, bitters, and perfumes, typically sold in the 19th century. Its purple color reveals lengthy exposure to the sun -- it was white or clear until the manganese used in its production was exposed over years to sunlight. I need to examine the photos carefully as they reveal some lettering that is too small and faint to see in vivo.

The kickup or "dimple" piece features some of the bottle bottom, and it is rounded. That suggests that it's a) a liquor bottle, and b) from the 18th century. The bubble in it strongly suggests 18th-century origins. I am very excited to have found this glass!

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