Thursday, May 12, 2011

NC and my new iPad

I really enjoy my new iPad. What I don't enjoy is that two hotels, two nights in a row, advertised wi-fi in the room, and then had "issues" with Internet service (meaning: no Internet). The first was a Ramada in Perryville, MD, next door to Havre de Grace, where Vic enjoyed his rockfish and I almost enjoyed the very same entree -- except mine came with old, cold potatoes and my fish never met the broiler. Weird. Same place, same order, totally different presentations. Anyway, this morning is the first time I can access my blog! I have been playing Angry Birds, however, on my iPad, which has 3G.

I tried and tried to get here via my iPad. What I remember as my password will not work, and on my laptop (where I am now) the password is "remembered" so I never have to type it in. [Sigh] Isn't that convenient? Now that I have Internet service again, I can finish downloading my 7,000+ Canadian Recipes! Speaking of which, we have already enjoyed a yummy green-bean recipe, which I will post later (assuming I have Internet later).

We got to NC yesterday evening on Hwy 17, a long and dull, farm-country road. When we arrived in New Bern, the world opened up. Big water, marinas, a confusing mess of highway ramps and overpasses...a return to civilization! We're going to have breakfast at Waffle House (love the Waffle House, pecan waffles and spicy sausage) and head out for the day. Firing on all cylinders now!

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