Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day in Rodanthe

The Chicamacomico day was spent largely in the Rodanthe area. Just north of Rodanthe is where we hoped to put in our kayaks, but we ran out of time. We used a zoom lens to zero in there on an osprey on his nest -- we saw him from our kayaks in 2009, and he still occupies the same spot, just to the right of the gap in a disused railroad bridge.

The Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo area is being developed, unfortunately. The sound side now features enormous multi-use buildings like this one.

Ocean side, one house (the distant green one) is tumbling into the sea. There's always at least one in Rodanthe! Vic feels sure that the one in the foreground will be lost before another two years have gone by.

Next to the recycling center, where we stopped to drop off bottles, is a boat ramp. It's actually a nice boat ramp, but the extreme right-hand side features a falling-apart building and an abandoned, sunken boat. The extreme left-hand side features abandoned crab traps and stacks of lumber. I think both make for atmospheric pictures.

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