Sunday, May 1, 2011

For the birds

May Day is typically happy; today, less so. Vic just left for 5 days in Tennessee. I have to defend my thesis on Wednesday and finish a heavy load of homework and exams to boot.

At least my sweet got to see, at last, what it is that keeps flipping over his garden-border shells. Every day when the snow is gone, Vic has found between 2 and 10 shells flipped over in the border he created for his hosta bed. Today he saw the culprits: Crows!

The one in the circle stands in front of one flipped shell, and he just finished flipping a few around the bird bath (you can see a gap). His buddy is in the oval, pretty much invisible in the shade, but guilty of much more mischief: We watched him flip 5 shells, at least (pic taken from the window; sorry about the quality).

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