Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out of the Hospital?

As of today, my daughter is supposed to be discharged from the hospital. She will still need heparin shots. She suffered a pulmonary embolism over the weekend. Talk about scarey. That's what killed Captain Phil, of Deadliest Catch (you'd think it was the massive stroke, but it was an embolism after the stroke, I'm told).

My mother was discharged yesterday to a rehab facility. You know, my daughter recently spent five weeks in a rehab where she had a phone, a TV, and air conditioning. The facility that now houses my mother has none of these things, at least not 'covered' as part of the stay. This stinks!

Other things that don't smell nice: A projected cost of four grand to fill in a foot-wide, missing piece of wall upstairs, and raise a 2-foot-wide section of roof. My dad's coming up to Gloucester to look at what needs changing in my mother's house and to help me do the damn drywall myself.

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