Sunday, July 4, 2010


We go to the Rocky Neck beach, from which we launch our dinghy, every so often to make sure that the dinghy is present, unharmed, etc. On its back we installed wheels, which make moving it up and down the beach SOO much easier; thus we don't want it to disappear on us.

One of the recent times that we visited, Vic said, "We really should paint it." Now I grant you, it certainly looks like it's been put to hard use, but I like that about it. I said, "No."

I guess I should have thought twice. Vic went today, and some idiot had spray-painted his name on OUR dinghy! If it had been in our yard for a paint job, well...

We haven't sailed in a few years now, but that's due to a host of factors including the theft of a motor (right off our sailboat, on its mooring), our decision to trade boats, and so on. However, I don't care if we haven't used it in three months, two years, or TEN years -- YOU do not get to CLAIM it, "Dom Nesta"!

Vic packed it into his van and brought it home. The NERVE of some people!

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