Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I want to work with children. I have an interview on Friday to not only work with children, but also manage a program very similar to the one I was managing locally. It's just that it's an hour away. Sixty minutes as compared to 6 minutes seems rather a lot.

The boss, should I take the position, appears unable to commit. I've mentioned this job possibility before, more than a month ago, if memory serves. At first she wanted me as a consultant, in May. That did not play out. I never know whether she does or does not want me, does or does not have a job to offer, or remembers what she was doing one week to the next.

Children with trauma are my real interest, and remediating trauma as much as possible is what I feel driven to do. DMH doesn't always see trauma as a condition 'worthy' of DMH involvement. This job would be a DMH-funded position. I think DCF may be where it's at, as far as traumatic experience is concerned.

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