Monday, July 19, 2010


(Pics courtesy of (2) [Split Enz] and (1)

Vic and I went to see Crowded House on Saturday night. There was a ball game right across the street from the House of Blues, so the wait for dinner was excruciating -- but we walked right in to see the band.

The show was spectacular, a best-of concert that featured nearly every song that I wanted to hear (except Into Temptation, for me; for Vic, World Where You Live was missing). They did Hole in the River, an evocative, haunting yet beautiful song about, of all things, a suicide in the family (written at least ten years before the suicide of original CH drummer Paul Hester):

She left her car by the river
Left her shoes beside

and, taking my breath away, Message to My Girl. That's a =perfect= pop song that comes from the very earliest days of the band -- actually, the band's source, Split Enz, did a version at the end of its days, when it was morphing into Crowded House. Neil did it solo, at a piano:

Even Vic left saying the show was fantastic, and he's not a CH fan!

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