Sunday, October 23, 2011

While some things are the same

Bodie Island Light is undergoing renovation, which is halted at the moment due to lack of funding. It did, however, survive Irene pretty much intact (as far as we know).

Below is the view from the car of the new islet at the southern end of Bodie (pronounced like 'body'). There had long been a battle between the National Park Service and local fisherfolk over "the spit" -- and it looks like the NPS won. Birds and wildlife won, too.

Hatteras Island did not fare as well as Bodie. The approach to the new and temporary bridge in the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge still features construction equipment (it was only completed October 11). It "feels" temporary; it's in sections that are visually distinguishable and aurally as well, as your tires go over each. The bridged inlet, variously called New New Inlet or New River Inlet, is a significant change to Hatteras as a result of Irene. Its southern bank features an eroded and collapsed building, and both banks are actually escarpments of more than 5 feet.

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