Thursday, October 27, 2011

New New = Pea

The Island Free Press has just decreed that, from now on, the inlet that for two months has been called "New New" will now be called "Pea Island" -- as in, Pea Island Inlet and Pea Island (temporary) Bridge. I'm fine with that designation, though the editor of IFP is, she writes, disappointed. (She liked "New New.")

IFP, an online news service, surveyed Hatteras residents (and visitors, perhaps) to determine the best name. Fewer than 60 people responded; fully 30 of those respondents wanted 'Pea Island Inlet.' Sadly, I couldn't snap a pic of the inlet itself because the sidewalls of the bridge are too high and too bulky. But the pictures here are of the area immediately surrounding the bridge, where new pools abound:

I like it that the name 'Pea Island' may be more in circulation. The tale of the Pea Island Lifesaving Service certainly deserves greater prominence. I have a DVD documentary about the crew, should anyone be curious and want to borrow it! I am told that the Discovery Channel is going to run the program in the next year or so. It's both little-known African-American history and lifesaving history.

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