Sunday, October 23, 2011

At last

My sister Helen had what was a very good idea, actually, about writing and sending Thank You notes to those who offered their support last weekend. So I got less than 3 hours sleep on Friday night, before boarding a plane (another plane! ugh) at 6am Saturday morning. I was flying to Norfolk, Virginia. Vic had driven all day Friday so as to arrive in Norfolk the night before.

I was so tired. Vic encouraged me to nap in the car, but then we realized we were at the bridge to the Outer Banks, a good hour before we expected to be! Some of the landmarks for which we'd been looking along the roadway are no longer there, perhaps eradicated by Hurricane Irene.

Following are the first two images of our OBX trip, one of the view from the bridge (Bodie Island is the distant land mass), and the other of the welcome sign at the end of the bridge. There was a celebration in Kitty Hawk of the 100th anniversary of the First Flight (yes, it's capitalized in NC). We thought about stopping, and actually pulled in to the Wright Memorial. But it was quite crowded, and the pull of Hatteras Island is strong.

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