Monday, October 17, 2011


It was difficult, incredibly difficult (as in, taking a full day), for us to choose an urn. I think the one we chose is lovely, and the wreath of flowers that sisters Helen and Gillian selected is spectacular.

It may be weird to photograph the urn; I certainly am shocked when I see the dead in casket photographs. However, I think that this azurite vessel -- encircled by roses, tulips, ivy, hydrangea, and a gorgeous deep-blue flower, which resembles a blossom from a supersize larkspur (if you know it, please give me the name) -- is somehow both elegant and sumptuous. So look away if you must, but I see this as a thing of beauty.

I want to present the text of my friend Molly's card, which parallels what my friend Tress, whose parents are both now gone, has been sharing since my mother's death:
Grief, like the ocean, comes in waves
only to recede and come yet again.
But with it comes healing.
Memories wash ashore
and are bathed by the golden sun.
Grab hold of those memories
and let them fill the emptiness.
May they bring you peace.

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