Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pruning trees

We had Mosher Tree Service in yesterday to prune trees. Victor wanted the job done "with extreme prejudice." The canopy had expanded so much that my little vegetable patch was affected. And the larval feasting on the leaves made for a very messy few weeks for our vehicles, followed by an excess of moths that only the kitty enjoyed.

Two young men, at least one a Mosher, arrived in enormous vehicles. One had a cherry picker, and one had a chipper-shredder. There was a point at which the cherry picker couldn't reach the target branches, and one of the guys shimmied up using ropes and pulleys. He was able to manipulate his equipment so that he could leap from tree to tree, with a mammoth chainsaw dangling at his knee. See the small orange shape at top: that's him. Just below it is a view of the trees after the purning was done.

The difference in the amount of sunlight in the late afternoon is startling. I was relieved this morning to see that some dappled shade is retained until a little past noon.

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