Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From the shore

Over the weekend, we spent time on the Boulevard and on Rocky Neck. Vic and my sister Gill actually got to spend time Saturday on Kiwi, afloat (see pic at top, that's them in the distance). Then Vic sailed her on Father's Day, with my Dad as crew. After dropping Dad off, Vic nearly ended up in the chilly harbor. The dinghy, which was cleated off, somehow disengaged itself. After Vic found it missing and saw it washed up on the rocks, he prepared to dive in to retrieve it. However, a friendly shore resident kayaked out to it and returned it to Victor!

The buoy is sunken and probably marks the location of nothing more than a snag. The gulls are of a nonstandard variety, but according to Wikipedia there are more than 55 varieties of gull, so... They might be immature Bonaparte's or Little gulls. They were kinda cute.

I didn't get a moment on Kiwi because I was writing a business plan as the final report for the homeless shelter [sigh]. Also, I went to see my mother; now that I'm working, I find that the opportunities for visits are shrinking. After the visit, I picked up Vic and Gill on the beach -- I borrowed the last picture from Gill, who snapped it from the dinghy as she and Vic approached. I'm the tiny figure in maroon.

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