Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not fade away

We had a meeting yesterday at the rehab that houses my mother. We were told that she is "very sick" and that she probably has a bone infection resulting from deterioration of her feet. That infection is likely to cause more pain, from which she is already suffering. However, she lives on, the challenges apparently awakening within some keen determination to survive. We agreed, for the second time, that she should be followed by a hospice nurse charged with palliative care.

My mother went to an ER over the weekend because her dialysis and feeding-tube ports were infected, and the latter came out. But my =husband= also went to the ER over the weekend, with perhaps a blood infection. He was prescribed antibiotics and given a tetanus shot. (He was wounded on the boat.) Then yesterday, he was in a serious accident on 128, in which he was stopped behind 3 stopped cars and then was rear-ended. His car was sandwiched, striking the car in front, and then propelled across three lanes of traffic. It appears that he emerged without a scratch. My dear friend Tress, however, lost her father on Monday. It has been quite a week.

The picture above was taken by a friend of a friend on Facebook, someone we don't even know. That's Victor walking toward the picture-taker, on the right.

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