Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still-due projects

There are a number of things that I should probably be doing right now instead of posting repeatedly to this blog.

First, a PR project for the place where I work. Mind you, I've done substantive work on this, pro bono, already. But I need to visit my co-creators' comments and incorporate them into the text. And that was due today.

Second, my 'cookbook.' I'm putting together (in an accordion file) all the recipes that Vic and I have loved over the 20 years of our marriage. I have a particular focus on low-carb recipes -- I'm restarting Atkins at the moment (and have lost 8 pounds!).

Third, sorting receipts. Ugh. All my financial data from 2011 needs to be sensibly presented to Victor, who does our tax returns.

And finally, finishing my Christmas presents. See next post.

I will probably post here a couple more times, though. ;)

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