Sunday, January 15, 2012


I think this is post #1000. I was going to write about the trike, but then I thought that #1000 should be on a more weighty subject.

Following are pictures of Mom (Betty) with Gillian and her first husband, Eric; and working at Rediffusion (radio) in Barbados. She is so YOUNG in that first picture, embarrassed to be photographed. (Wait, was she ever not embarrassed in picture-taking situations? LOL)

This is the last picture taken of her, I believe. I may have run it on this blog before. Victor took it.

The following is my ID pic on Facebook at the moment. The flower was taken from the wreath that surrounded her urn. The OBX sticker is because, if not for Mom as my guide, I never would have visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Vic and I owe a lot of our experience of peace and healing to her -- even if she was not personally a source.

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