Thursday, January 26, 2012

No more SV

SV as in supervision -- or, as in good supervision. I had to step away from the case that I was working, and "SV" came with that case.

I wanted to share with the mother that I had filed a report with DCF, but the big boss said, "No." Not sharing would have made my situation working in that home unpleasant, if not untenable. The mother would obviously know that it was me who filed, once DCF visited the home. That I would not be able to confirm or deny was ridiculous.

I haven't resigned from the organization, but I get the sense that I might as well have resigned. Still, I feel empowered and authentic. Plus, I got a phone call yesterday from an Endicott classmate. He wants to recommend me for a position working with him. We'll see!

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