Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still-due presents

For family, for Christmas, I gave as gifts 8" digital frames. (You may remember that I posted about giving smaller ones to my niece and my mother.) In the wake of losing Cathy and then Mom, and because I put together photo montages for both services, I felt (feel) like everyone needs to have access to the best images.

My plan was to put together SD cards full of pictures for everyone, so that they could start using their frames right away. Well, it would be done, except that a) I felt like I had to shrink the picture resolution, as there were 500+, and now I'm not sure that was the best idea; b) I may need to organize them better so that pets and people don't repeat in clusters; and c) I'm still searching for two pictures that I know I have, but can't find: niece Alexandra and a just-caught mackerel, and my father with me and Helen (my sister) in the driveway of the house in Madison, CT. If you have a copy of either picture, please alert me!

Once we were adults, my parents gave to each of us the photo albums that they'd been compiling since our births. The thing is, these albums contain lots of great pictures of us as individuals that are not in anyone else's album. So, e.g., Helen's album has many pictures of Helen in it that Myron doesn't have. It is my hope that, once the SD cards are distributed, any images that folks decide to *add* will be shared (because no doubt they're great pictures of us growing up that I've never seen).

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