Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prior to rain

These are not the last blooms that we will have -- I still have a bush with blue flowers that is only now in bud. However, their display is close to being the final garden show.

The rain has pounded to earth these and other last-gasp flowers around our yard. After Irene, Vic was able to prop up one of our sunflowers. I fear that the current round of rain may collapse it again.

The white hydrangea is going pink, as it does around this time every year. Irene knocked its trunk off vertical by a good bit. (While it is a tree, it's a small tree, and the trunk is a lot more like a broad stem.) Vic and I will have to carefully reposition it when the soil is dry. I'm hoping that the additional moisture in the soil -- Katia moisture? -- does not cause the whole tree to collapse.

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