Sunday, September 4, 2011

My niece & my Mom

This week I helped move my 'newly 18' niece into her truly gorgeous apartment, just off campus at U-Mass Boston. She has ocean views! One of my contributions to her apartment was a small digital frame, loaded with family pictures. (We also contributed, from our home, her futon couch and her desk.)

The idea hit that maybe my mother would like to have such a frame. The one I bought for Alexandra was only 3.5"; the one I bought for my mother was 7" wide. I expected that 7" would be a good picture size for her failing eyesight.

Well, she could not see it, even when it was positioned barely more than a foot from her face. So I moved on. I had also brought her a lemon ice, which she adores. While I was feeding it to her, she suddenly vomited. Asked to step out of the room during cleanup, I shoved the picture frame in its box -- the cord would have been in the attendants' way. Of course, out in the hallway I dropped it, cracking the frame.

Vomit and breakage of a costly brand-new item... these do not constitute my best visit with Mom. She is more frail and less functional; even when I expect those things, they are hard to see. Today, Vic and I will pick up our daughter and our nephew and return to Boston and Alexandra. Our daughter and nephew have not seen her place, and our daughter has not transferred her birthday presents. So it will be, I hope, an *enjoyable* visit.

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