Thursday, September 8, 2011

Personal cookbook I

I'm putting real effort into gathering together *all* of the recipes that, over the last 20 years, Victor and I have greatly enjoyed. Well, all of the recipes that, for one reason or another, are not part of a bound cookbook.

For all of that time, I've been collecting recipes that are found in periodicals, Swart family favorites, and versions modified by me for various dietary reasons. I can't believe how many of our favorites are desserts! I thought I was hopeless at making desserts.

If you like the sounds of any of these, send me a message. I'm happy to share.
almond honey cake
ancho apple pie
apple cake
bananas Foster (rum banana coconut flambe)
bananas with rum & ginger
bread pudding a la caramel
chocolate buttercream
chocolate cake with bourbon, currants & almonds (Reine de Saba)
chocolate flourless cake
chocolate ganache
coconut mini cakes
crème brulee with brandy & coffee
dried cherry chocolate oatie-Os
figgy pudding with brandied hard sauce
lemon chiffon pie (graham cracker crust)
peanut butter & cocoa oaties
peanut butter cookies
pear & brandy cream cheese tart
pear steamed pudding
strawberry lemon tart
strawberry rhubarb crisp
strawberry yogurt popsicles

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