Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ethics again

Yesterday my supervisor horrified me at work. The parent of our client ended up coming in and asking her to stop. I was ashamed that I had not already done so. She was giving arbitrary commands and managing the child's responses physically and forcefully. She was confusing him (and me), frustrating him (and me), and refusing him any opportunity to regroup.

While she debated with mom whether what she was doing was appropriate, the child tuned them out, looked at his schedule -- trying to make sense out of his session -- and said to me, "Now we play Hi-Ho Cherry-O?" The poor kid. I tried to put as much warmth and compassion as possible into my "Sure, let's play."

I have two interviews this week. I have to believe that other organizations are not being horrible to their clients. Having family members who are or were compromised and who sought treatment, I tend to treat children with developmental disorders like they're family (during session, anyway; my boundaries are strong). Honestly, I think that's how it should be done.

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