Monday, July 25, 2011

Trips for glass

We've made a few trips out to Ten Pound Island by kayak, looking for sea glass. Vic went once alone, and we went together twice.

The pic above includes a glass button, a tiny fragment of the pottery that was used at a long-torn-down hotel on Rocky Neck, and a piece of YELLOW, which is a rare find.

Above is, first, the high-impact/high-interest pieces that Victor found alone. Second is some of the rest of the collection that he gathered. The large piece of green (it may look to you like a rock) is so very cool: thick -- the thicker, the older -- and a great, jade color.

Above are the pieces that I collected the second time I was on Ten Pound. I can't believe that I found both a red and a cornflower blue! (When Victor went alone, he also found a piece of red.) There are two segments of glass insulator -- from a lightbulb, probably -- which appear to be black unless held up to a light. I *love* it that I find at least two insulator pieces every year -- this year, both in one trip.

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