Monday, July 25, 2011

Lobsta Land's appeal

Lobsta Land has, first of all, incredibly fresh fish. Having been, just this past weekend, to a restaurant situated *at* the fish pier in the seaport district of Boston, and having retched at the "quality" of the fish I was served, I truly appreciate a restaurant with fresh fish. Its sashimi tuna is to die for.

Secondly, it offers a lobster salad that tempts even me, a person indifferent to lobster. It's a cucumber and tomato salad, topped with lobster, avocado, and hearts of palm. Indulgent!

Thirdly, it offers this spectacular view of the marsh, where seabirds (including the majestic snowy egret, below) poke around, as the tide ebbs and flows. I could have lunch there alone every day during the restaurant's season as long as I was seated at the windows on the marsh.

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