Monday, July 25, 2011

Hospitals and rehabs

Our daughter Liz is in the hospital again. She was in the hospital for more than a week after July 4, and she re-entered the hospital on July 20. These hospitalizations are psychiatric, of course, and -- to us -- predictable.

Vic and I hoped to protest the DMH-Elliott Community Services plan to transition Liz to independent living. Suddenly, nearly a month early, she was moving the very next day. Probably a decision had been made to place a staff person in the house for the first month, and that decision hastened her move.

Liz is not self-regulating, so she needs a calm and knowledgeable presence around her to reflect appropriate responses. She is diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder because she is even more unstable at home, so I'm not a good candidate as that calm and knowledgeable presence -- if I could even remain calm when my daughter becomes self-harming or violent.

My mother is in rehab, near the end of her life; and my husband's uncle just entered rehab (discussed a few posts below). The level of institutional contribution to family life is not welcome. I have to leave in 15 minutes for a meeting at Essex Park about my mother's care. I have been invited to a hospital meeting regarding Liz. This is not going to be a good week.

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