Saturday, February 7, 2009

Space Food

I am unbelievably excited. I just flipped through a few pages of the Vermont Country Store catalog before recycling it (I typically don't even look inside if it's not the holidays). And I found the one edible product that I have been craving since middle school:


I can remember driving with my dad to Ypsilanti for a math competition. The car crossed the Flint River, and I noticed and started talking about a beaver's activity on the water. While I talked, I held a Space Food Stick. The anticipation...

I can picture the cabinet from which I took it, in our Milbourne Ave kitchen (house above). My favorite ones were peanut butter, but I also liked the chocolate ones, and mom, as I recall, would buy both.

I have been thinking for years that someone should bring them back. Now, oh my gosh, they are here. Soft candy-like rolls of heaven. I need to place an order.


  1. oh yuck! I never could understand your love of those ... those ... oh yuck.

  2. I am intrigued. Anything that comes in peanut butter or chocolate flavor can't be that bad. Let me know when you place that order..I'm in. ~RF~

  3. I don't recall Space Sticks. I know not of what you speak.

  4. TJH, how close are we in age? I am shocked that you don't recall those sweet, pseudo-food, Tootsie-like rolls of yumminess! They were popularized as the food of the astronauts.

  5. Well, they weren't marketed as "space food sticks", but I remember them being in the house, going into my lunch bags, etc...

    IIRC, they were made by Borden. Elongated, tootsie-rool like things, in a plastic/foil wrapper. Can't remember for the life of me what the retail product name was, but they were fairly tasty. More doughy and less blatantly corn-syrupy than a Tootsie Roll.