Monday, February 16, 2009

Jerk Chicken

This recipe was discovered and shared by John & Sue. (Thanks, John & Sue.) It requires at least 4 hours marinating time.

whole chicken or chicken parts, up to 5 lb (I cut the following recipe in half for 1.3 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts)
2 Tb olive oil
1/4 c soy sauce
1 tsp gravy browning
1/2 cup cider vinegar
2 Tb ginger root, grated (buy a small piece; it'll be under 50 cents)
1.5 tsp five-spice powder (88 cents at Ocean State*)

1 onion
2 cloves garlic
4 habanero peppers (I used one x-lg jalapeno, which didn't bring enough heat, but 4 habaneros are VERY hot, like EXTREME heat...use judgment)

Put =everything= except chicken into a food processor and pulverize.
Pour into non-reactive pan and cook until it thickens a bit. Let cool.
Combine chicken (break into parts if whole) and sauce in zip-lock bag.
Marinate in fridge at least 4 hours (I keep it overnight).
Preheat oven to 450.
Pour bag out into oven-safe roasting pan of some sort. Cover with foil.
Bake at 450 for 20 minutes, then turn heat down.
At 275, cook another hour.

Note that I tried this in a slow cooker and added water. The combination of the less-hot jalapeno and the water caused it to lose significant yumminess points. But if you follow the recipe pretty much word for word, as I have in the past, it is incredible--seriously, the best chicken I've ever eaten.

*This is a Food Stamps modification. In the original recipe, it's 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp allspice & 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

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