Sunday, February 1, 2009


I think that the next time I get a discount coupon for a phone (I get one every two years, so that I'll decide to stick with Verizon), I'm going to choose the phone that has the most functions.

In the past, I have expressed a distinct preference for very simple phones. But I'm starting to feel left behind. Yesterday, my niece played a brand-new game with us. She said early on, "I'm going to win, you know." I thought that she was kidding. And she did enough texting during the game that I was sure her split focus would do her in. Plus she was sick. But win she did.

Is it not true that the next generation has so much overcapacity that each member will, inevitably, burn out?

On a news program this morning, the demise of the newspaper was a topic. The reporter held a phone that displayed the newspaper, the web, a movie, a GPS, TV shows, email, pictures (which of course it can also take, =and= it can store and play music)... oh, for the days when a hand-held scheduler rocked!

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  1. All of that is fine, but I just can't see paying twice for the same service. i.e internet service at home as well as internet service for my thingy. I've thought of upgrading as well, but there is so much my current phone does that I don't use, why bother? Just to be "young & Hip" which is basically smoke and mirrors created by the ad industry to sell and take your money.