Monday, February 23, 2009

And the winner is...

Tress, who takes the one-liner prize for the Oscars. The winning cut:
"She's the Good Witch!" (upon seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in her Glinda gown). Pic courtesy of, which has great shots of 16 dresses.

Runner-up was the muffin-tops line, which may actually have originated with a broadcaster.

I liked Taraji Henson's wrapped and Viola Davis's I-am-woman dresses very much. I liked Amy Adams's dress but thought her necklace was a miss: not the size, but the inclusion of blue. Many pale women in pale colors ghosted themselves out. Natalie Portman's dress made her look like her torso was an alien's face. More pics on the San Fran Examiner site:

Umm, did you see Hugh J on Baba Wawa? Creeeeepy.

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