Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gold Plating

I played Trivial Pursuit last night, for the first time in years (if you don't count playing it on the PS2, solo). I =nearly= won... we didn't finish playing, as the hour was late.

Did anyone else in the world get, around 1980, gold-plated Trivial Pursuit playing pieces? They were just the coolest, a gift from my parents. I keep looking and looking and I cannot find them - though I'm sure I never decided on getting rid of them.

I love board games. We played Scattergories and Whoonu as well. Tell the truth, don't you love board games?


  1. You know I share your love of board games! I do recall the Trivial Pursuit pieces you mention though I have not seen them in years. I believe my aunt (another gamer) had them. I've never heard of Whoonu....the premise? ~Renee~

  2. Personal preferences.

    All players but one get cards that bear nouns such as 'Snowboarding' and 'Sunday papers'. The one without cards is IT.

    IT circulates an envelope. The other players put into the envvelope the card/noun which they imagine IT will like the best. IT then ranks the cards from the envelope, and the players get points based on the rankings.

    IT rotates, and so do the hands.

    You really have to join us.