Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drill Baby Drill

I just learned one month ago how to drill sea glass. I got assists from an online video and Victor's know-how.

Making necklaces and earrings, maybe even bracelets, is obvious. Some of you got those for Christmas (and Gill, I have repaired your wire mesh). I enjoy using black cord and silver chain with the glass and with china shards that have been smoothed by years in the sea.

I've made some bookmarks, too, using laminated bookmarks that the kids at work made, and attaching sea glass and china with loops to one punched end. (I like a weighted bookmark). Some of you got those as well. These are, I believe, unique.

I'm wondering what else I can make. I don't want to copy established artisans. And it has to have relevance to me, to my situation, etc.


  1. Would greeting cards work for you

  2. That's a good idea, Marie. As long as I don't want to mail them - the glass would be too thick for an envelope.
    At a local artists' collaborative store, I saw paintings under which a single piece of sea glass that had inspired the art was glued. It was surprisingly effective.

  3. Is that is one of your is very cool indeed!!

  4. Thanks, Prataap! Yes, that's one of mine. The shard had no doubt been tossing around in the sea for a few decades.