Thursday, January 29, 2009


Was I coming down with something last Friday? What I can tell you is, I sure have something at the moment. I cannot stop sneezing (well into my middle age, a sneeze is a high-risk moment), and my nose -- raw and sore -- will not stop running.

With my friend (shattered ankle) in mind, I'll stop whining. I'll complain instead about my cat.

My cat has four beds (tho' he is our only cat). For the past month, whenever he sleeps, he sleeps with his back to me and Victor. He did not used to sleep thusly. It was quite cute to see his various unconscious poses. But he dozes now with his nose to the bookcase.

I think it has something to do with the diet food. We put him back on weight-loss Iams, because he had gained nearly three pounds on regular kibble. And he's not forgiving us quickly.

On a related subject, I gained back half a pound, after losing a pound and a half.

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