Friday, January 16, 2009

Buxton, NC

My obsession with things North Carolinian grows as the winter season deepens. I couldn't believe that yesterday's dunked plane was headed there!

I have scoured real estate ads, looking for coastal homes in NC that are under $100K. Not that we're going to buy one, mind you. I just want to know that they're there. (One of them is even on the Outer Banks... bet it's been stripped down to the studs or something.)

Soon I will begin my spreadsheet. Every year I put one together, of the menus and ingredients necesssary for our May trip. I get to peruse cookbooks, cooking magazines, and online recipe databases. I get to choose which 12 to 16 recipes sound the yummiest (and easiest).

I also get to pack. I truly adore the minutiae.

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  1. I never knew we shared similar Southern obsessions. I have a wonderful friend that I met in Amherst who was born and raised in Columbia, SC. Over the years she has educated me on the "ways of the South" and all the cultures, architecture, colloquialisms, etc. Though I have not yet visited the area, it is on my short to-do list. Savannah, GA and Charleston top the list. ~RF~