Friday, January 23, 2009


This week was unbelievably tiring. Events at work, delays in the community, reading at home as prep for meetings and classes... and tomorrow I have class, a commitment to see my daughter at mid-day, and a third commitment for the evening.

Is it the lack of light in the winter season? Was it the inauguration, in which I was way invested? Is it anxiety over "my" new president and his safety? (Or am I coming down with something?)

I want Sunday for pure rest. But the Obama service website says that I should go to Wingaersheek Beach to help with cleanup.

Maybe that will make me feel better. I do feel better when I'm getting things done.


  1. Obama cares about Wingaersheek? wow

  2. Well, a website that whitehouse.gove sent me to listed opportunities in my area. That could be construed as caring, I guess. Of course, I didn't go, and have spent the first half of the day surfing online. But I really was/am damn tired!

  3. That should be, not .gove.

  4. I think that's pretty cool! The listed opportunities, not the damn tired part. Get rest!