Tuesday, January 13, 2009

25 Pounds

I would really like to lost 25 pounds before my husband and I go to the Outer Banks in May this year. If anyone else hopes to lose weight in 2009, let me know! We can support each other.

My plan includes NO carbs, abundant DDR, and loads of water (#1 and #3 are Atkins strategies - it worked for me once).


  1. I know how you feel. I sit here in this chair day after day hoping that the 6" of space on either side between me and the chair STAYS at 6"! And with an exercise regiment consisting of light weights and restroom trips I'm not too confident. Best of luck to you! ~RF~

  2. =sigh= Jennie told me today that I said the same thing last year. The difference is, I =mean= it this year, in multiple new ways!

    Thinking about it, tho', 25 is a tall order... 1 lb a week is supposed to be safe weight loss, so let's say 15 to 20.