Thursday, August 27, 2015

Arrived, if late

No cellular data, no matter what T Mobile had to say. Wi-Fi is as scarce as the sun in London. I was 2.5 hours late meeting James & Alex because customs took 1.5 hours (in a stuffy room in a ranch-style queue) and so did renting a car--I had to take a ticket like I was in a deli, then wait through nearly 30 customers who arrived before me. BUT NOW WE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER. Below, an image of England appearing below the plane, then several of London.

Gillian, you should have been there in Halifax: The pilot advised us that there would be a "short taxi" on take-off...boy, was that short! Blow-your-hair-back with the 0-to-zenith change in engine power, then we were in the air!

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Location:Arrived, if late

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