Friday, August 28, 2015

Breakfast at 2pm

We got into bed last night at 4am this morning. It's a long story, but English road signs, T Mobile's falsehood regarding my ability to use its data over here (preventing planned access to GPS), Verizon's falsehood to Alex regarding her phone's utility over here (preventing us from calling anyone to update or inquire), road work on the M25, closed-off roads in Hayes, poor directions from locals, no directions at all from the hotel manager, phone boxes that are no longer useful, and "diversions" that lead you in endless circles around the same neighborhood all conspired to make a half-hour trip into a 4-hour one. Gah.

We got up at nearly 1pm and went to The Flying Egg for brunch, where this poster was on the wall. An odd choice for a breakfast spot, dontcha think?

We went to Cambridge also, James and Alex both emailed me pictures. But we only have Wi-Fi here at the hotel, and nothing has come through yet. Perhaps tomorrow!

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Location:Breakfast at 2pm

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  1. You guys aren't sharing the hilarious (to me, who did not go through it) details! lol