Sunday, August 30, 2015

Reading, home of our EE

We went to Reading with renewed determination: We were going to find a Staples. At home, Staples is where I can print out the odd doc for work and where I can buy tech stuff like SIM cards, phones, and tablets. James had to print out an email about the festival tickets, and we needed some sort of resolution to our tech dilemma.

We entered so confident. The staff were pleasant, even borderline helpful. One drew us a map (typical for the locals providing directions, he drew us exiting the parking lot via a branch off a rotary, which is not humanly possible and made us go through the directions on the ground a few times). But James was charged about $6 for printing an email. And they had nothing that we needed or that could help. But they did know that there was an outfit in town that could, one that Victor had already told us about but that we had seen nowhere: EE.

EE saved our butts, once we found it. Of course, it cost us 50 quid. But we were happy. We went off to eat, noting a strange set of robotic moving legs pedaling a bicycle first.

We had hot meat pies--beef and horseradish for me, with cauli and cheese, venison and boar with chips for Judd. Alex ordered roast pork with cracklin'. They were all so, so good. And treacle tart with cream for Afters. Alex is in love with treacle tart.

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