Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh, Tra Vigne

How I adore Tra Vigne. it's not crazy fancy food. It's food cooked with attention and care.

The olive trees out back:

Just off the entrance, secluded patio dining:

Then the main room:

Again this year, we started with the mozz 'Al Minuto,' made in the moment when you order...

Yummy, but the real news was that cocktail. Made with bourbon, pear liqueur, fresh orange, cranberries, fig bitters, clove, and raw sugar, it was exquisite.

Victor followed it with a short rib hash, so unbelievably good that words won't do it justice ("rich" is what Victor says). I apologize that it's half-eaten in the pic.

I ordered the garlic pizzeta with warm cambozola. I am not a pizza fan, as anyone can tell you. But here (as in Italy, I am told), the crust is a thin platform for magnificence. Spread heavily with roasted garlic, this one was served with a head of same and chunks of oven-warmed cambozola to spread on each slice.

Cambozola is like a cool fat in your mouth, with a sinus tang of blue. The textures were perfect together. The flavors were...[sigh] just so good.

After we had gelato, pumpkin (me) and coconut (he). The anise seed biscotti that came with it was a final touch of genius.

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