Thursday, November 14, 2013


We were pulled over in Mendocino. Victor was doing 69, in a county where some highways are 65, just saying. The statie was quite pleasant, but I could not avoid wondering where he was last year when, traveling within speed limits, we hit that owl.

Having removed himself with Victor's license, the trooper returned to ask me if I was Carolyn. Umm. No. Turns out some rental car ID number called up the Cali driver's license of a Carolyn something.

He decided against issuing us a ticket. The actually quite pleasant trooper recommended that we have lunch in Mendocino. We congratulated him on the wisdom of approaching from the passenger side, and pulled away. We tried to make it to a well-reviewed eatery but got there after they stopped serving lunch. So we went ahead and ate in Mendocino. Nice Rockfish.

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