Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mateo's Cucina

Replicating still more of last year's trip, we went to Mateo's in Healdsburg for lunch. Victor was not as impressed as I was. He says that Tu Y Yo in Somerville is just as good. The food at Tu Y Yo is very good, true. But the presentation at Mateo's is incredible, and the creativity of the cocktail menu, even the way the bill is presented to diners (in a hollowed-out book), place it in a superior class.

That's the margarita caliente, spicy and fresh. For our apps we had halibut ceviche and a trio of squashes with fresh cheese and pumpkin seed crackers. They do not offer similar apps at Tu Y Yo!

The colorful entrees both centered on suckling pig. Very indulgent. The red onions were a spicy pickle. The veggie medley included whole green baby hot peppers and blue cauliflower. I mean, really.

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