Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am, thankfully, off crutches. In truth, I spent less time on crutches than on a scooter that belonged to my mother. Also in truth, the scooter is actually a walker designed to support the knee. I used the knee support as a seat and pushed myself around with one foot, backward. But anyway. Now that I am off confinement to a scooter, my back can't handle standing. If I'm moving, then I'm OK. But standing still is a challenge that I can hope to meet soon. Victor is pretty tired of doing all the cooking AND all the cleanup after meals. It has not been the best way to enter the summer, but now it IS summer, and I will soon be whole. Well, whole--but for having a few health matters that I would like to resolve: a stress test to ensure that my ticker is strong, and a biopsy to relieve the folks who do mammograms. And I have an itchy lump on the side of my nose! I will only cope with one thing at a time.

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