Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aah, Tintagel

As I'm sure I said before, Tintagel is a castle spread over mainland and headland. Also, it's supposed to be the home of the man known in English mythology as Arthur. (I don't know why that tale holds such appeal for me.) The pics below reveal the sprawl of the castle.
The next images are two of my favorites from the entire trip. Both were taken at Tintagel. Victor went down the myriad steps to the beach, and along the way snapped some fantastic pictures, including one of Merlin's Cave:
The headland was closed until the day after our departure; April 1 is when national parks open in England. However, we met a couple who had tried to visit Tintagel after April 1 and were turned away: Winds were too strong. When my friends Shaun and Ilona went, during March, even standing on the mainland was dangerous due to the wind. What I remember about Tintagel from my childhood is this shop, closed on our visit. There is something about the snack shop at Stage Fort Park that feels just like this.

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