Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching up with the garden

I haven't been able to plant anything, move anything, or cut any flowers. I sit in the kitchen window and OBSERVE the garden. I have snapped pictures while standing still on my crutches, next to my car. I have used crutches, scooter, and Victor to get out the hot tub, twice, and I took pictures along the way. I have driven along the front yard and taken pictures through the fence. And I have asked Victor to take a picture of everything that's in bloom, so I can see it. [sigh] You know, this was the year I wanted to completely re-do my sun garden... just not happening. What follows are hyacinths that popped up just as we were leaving for England. I bought these as potted plants for my mother's room. When the blooms died off, I (Gillian, actually) planted them along the house.

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